Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Simple Meal When Backpacking - Outdoors - Camping

There usually are the ones from individuals who enjoy camping out in remote pc help locations down hiking pistes or even love to rise proper rural lake. If you are fed up with that freeze dried meals you can purchase in which only need heating up or even other styles connected with grouped together meals, you prefer this kind of receipe. This can be a superb dinner to get ready soon after a good daytime involving treking straight into your campsite. Although this particular receipe is made for two people, you can without difficulty modify the idea for more.

Ingredients for two people:

2 divided chicken juggs 1 chopped green or even reddish colored pepper or even both 1 sliced onion 1 cooked potato only two sliced peas garlic while ideal 1 bottle connected with Italian greens outfit 2 significant sheets regarding tin foil couple of large plastic zip-lock purses Seasoning since you desire (salt, pepper, cayenne pepper)

All the actual planning is definitely completed previous to everyone keep home: prep occasion 20 mins

Place the chicken breasts within one of several large zip-lock hand bags along with pour the greens shower in to the bag therefore the meats is usually covered. Freeze immediately before you keep for camping.

Place your minimize plus divided vegetable plants and garlic inside additional zip-lock bag

Pack most of these a couple of zip-lock hand bags around your backpack in order to they don't get punctured using anything

Pack your foil.

At a person's camp when you're ready to make dinner:

Remember you need to own a great fire selecting cooking food coals just before you start this specific point to get the food prepared to be able to cook.

Layout one particular metal sheet associated with container foil as well as roll-up the edges.

Pour the actual fowl and produce from the zip-lock purses onto the foil, place the opposite page of foil on top as well as collapse that couple of blankets together. Place them on the coals of your camp fire, make meals for 15 mins, move over, and make meals pertaining to an additional 15 minutes as well as until eventually done. You'll have a superb tasting as well as satisfying meal.

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