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HCG Eating plan Recipe: Mushroom and Paneer - Wellness - Fitness

If you are on HCG diet regime, you can nevertheless take pleasure in tasty foods. There is absolutely nothing to be sad about following a HCG diet regime program. It is superior for your health. Soon after all you have chosen it your self given that you want to be in shape, isnt it? So dont leave the program in the mid way. This will do no superior. In truth it can have some negative effects on your health. If the only trouble you are getting is that you are unable to have tasty foods, here are some tasty HCG diet regime recipes that you can follow though sticking to the extremely low calorie diet regime program. Just check them out.

Mushroom and Paneer Kebab:

Mushroom and Paneer Kebab is extremely tasty and it is extremely simple and easy to prepare. The ingredients you want to prepare this dish consist of:

Mushroom and Paneer Kebab is 1 of the easiest HCG diet regime recipes. At initially cut the paneer into pieces. Cut it into 1 inch cubes. Now cut the onions into 1 inch pieces as well. Deseed the capsicum initially and then cut them into pieces. Next you want to clean the mushroom. Then you should really chop the green chillies and grind them together with garlic and ginger. Take a bowl and mix lemon juice, honey, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, chat masala, garam masala and salt to taste. As soon as this mixture is prepared marinate mushroom, paneer, capsicum, tomatoes and onion in the mixture. Marinate the ingredients for an hour. Now preheat the marinated pieces in an oven at 180 C for 15 minutes.

Slow Cooked Chicken Over Leaf Lettuce:

This is an additional wholesome and tasty recipe which you can take pleasure in though on HCG diet regime. The ingredients you want to prepare this dish consist of:

How to Cook:

1st of all you will have cook chicken along with chicken broth as well as seasonings. Cook them for three hours in a slow cooker and make confident they can be flaked as soon as you are accomplished. Now divide the portions, make confident each serving has 1 pound of chicken. Now put lettuce in a bowl and add chicken. Best it with salsa, cucumber and vinaigrette.

If you are bored with the similar foods you have everyday attempt these recipes out. You are confident to take pleasure in them.

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